Fun Facts: Florida Oranges

There are many interesting historical facts about Florida oranges. For example, oranges are not native to Florida, it is believed that they were brought to the state when Ponce DeLeon began exploring the area in 1513. Oranges were often carried on ships because the vitamin C helped them avoid the ravages of scurvy. Oranges are thought to be originally from China, but there is no positive proof of their origins.
Some unusual facts about Florida oranges that you may not know include:
•Florida oranges are heavier than oranges grown elsewhere. This is because the skins are thinner, allowing the pulp to become juicier and accounting for the extra weight.

 •Almost 90% of all oranges grown in Florida are made into juice because of their high juice content.

 •Florida oranges are generally greener on the outside than other oranges. This is due to the sub-tropical climate that they are grown in. Orange trees in Florida are often subjected to hot and humid nights, allowing chlorophyll to collect in the skin of the fruit.

 •Seedless oranges are oranges with 5 or less seeds in them.

 •Orange trees are not grown from seeds, they are grown from cuttings of mature trees.

 •Oranges have more fiber than most other fruits/vegetables.
And perhaps one of the most unusual facts about Florida oranges:

 •Fruit that grows on the south side of the tree is always sweeter than the north. No one is sure why this happens.

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