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Beef Auditor

Independent Contractor

100% travel required near home base

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Auditors will be trained on program requirements and participate in ongoing training, knowledge sharing and process improvements

  • The core verification process includes: coordinating verifications internally with the office and customer, preparing for onsite verifications, conducting verifications, completing the verification checklist and submitting all relevant information to the Customer Verification Specialist within established timelines

  • Ensure client records are thoroughly maintained

  • Book travel, hotel, and transportation according to company policy and submit applicable expense reports for reimbursement

  • Use applicable checklists, forms and technology such as an iPad or tablet for gathering information for the audits

  • Adhere to all of the customer’s quality and code of conduct standards

  • Maintain professionalism and positive customer relationships and respond to all client inquiries and concerns. Elevate concerns or questions to the Customer Verification Specialist

  • Attend required trainings, internally and externally, to maintain qualifications to conduct audits and knowledge of applicable regulations and standards

  • Must be in located in the United States

  • 100% travel as the schedule dictates

  • Other duties as assigned within Independent Contractor agreement

​ Required Skills and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and/or related agriculture field plus 5 years of extensive experience in livestock/agriculture industry OR 15+ years of professional experience in the same field(s)

  • Independent and free of conflict of interest

  • Fair-minded and able to maintain an objective approach at all times

  • Strong critical thinking skills

  • Excellent organization and attention to detail

  • Customer-service focused with proven communications and people skills

  • Strong aptitude for professionalism and confidentiality

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and willingness to learn proprietary IT systems – hardware, software and mobile applications

  • Driver’s license or ability to obtain rental vehicle and travel to each location

Additional Requirements:

  • Extensive knowledge of agricultural systems, with a primary focus in beef, processing facilities and food manufacturing

  • Auditing and/or verification or certification experience preferred

  • Additional working knowledge and experience in any of the following categories is a plus and will be weighted heavily in preference: beef, poultry, swine, crops, and/or feed productions systems

  • Third-party certification process experience required

​ Working Conditions:

  • Independent contract position: income potential based on audit capacity

  • Remote with 100% travel as the schedule dictates, mostly overnight

  • Temperature extremes of high heat or low cold, including indoors and outdoors

​ Salary:

  • Independent contract position: income potential based on audit capacity.



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