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WFCF Storybit: Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers

Seasons change from Spring to Summer to Fall bringing on a different array of colors, smells, and ambiance.  Part of that atmosphere and those changes include seasonal flowers.  Whether you’re decorating for an upcoming holiday or just bringing fresh foliage into your home, flowers are a great way to express your style and to brighten up any space.  Our friends at Resendiz Brothers know all too well about sharing styles.  In fact, flowers are their passion, specifically unique exotic flowers.  Today, we are sharing their story, their commitment to the American floral industry and why they put their heart into every arrangement that they create.

WFCF Storybit: Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers - Blog Image

Mel Resendiz came from a struggling farm family, and his journey to success is truly the American dream. Although he started out small, he worked hard year after year to become a successful business owner.  At age 14, Mel left his home and journeyed to Sinaloa, Mexico, where he started his farming career cutting sugarcane and picking cotton.  That job taught him a lot about hard work and dependability.  Within a few months he went from cutting and picking to supervising an entire crew.  After spending five years in Sinaloa, at age 18 and $70 in his pocket, Mel made the decision to move to the United States.  He started working for Zorro Protea Farms, which developed the first commercial Protea nursery in northern San Diego county.  This was Mel’s introduction to the Protea floral family and by 1988 he had been promoted to farm manager.

Several years later in 1995 Mel purchased his first piece of land – 10 acres in the hills of Rainbow, Cali.  He named the parcel “Rainbow Crest,” and quickly filled it with his beloved Protea plants. The next year, Mel permanently planted himself in the United States, becoming a naturalized U.S. cit­izen.  His passion for flowers and plants continued to grow and they became even more a part of his life.  In 1999, Mel’s dream came to fruition and Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers was formed.  Resendiz Brother’s mission has been to consistently provide the newest, freshest, unique and exotic flowers and foliage available to their customers throughout the year.  Mel has also become a valuable educational resource to the floral industry and overall community on the Protea flower as well as many other unique flowers that they grow on the farm.  The flowers are his family and he loves them all, which is why he still takes an active role in the farm.  You can find Mel helping with everything from office duties to the plant nursery to the fields.


Today, Mel is part of the growing community of Certified American Grown farmers.  This community is a diverse group of flower farmers across the country that specialize in homegrown flowers and foliage.  This means if you purchase flowers from a Certified American Grown farmer, you are guaranteed to know the American origin of the flowers and foliage. Certified American Grown stands for the high quality you desire, while putting an emphasis on the importance of supporting American farmers.  This is achieved by following specific sustainability standards during flower production.  Resendiz Brothers is also certified by BloomCheck, which is a sustainability Standard for the floral industry.

Why Certify

When Mel and team began to actively manage their environmental footprint within their farming practices, they realized the first order of business was a mindset change. They grew up in a world where energy and materials were assumed to be unlimited. Changing wasteful behavior requires a conscious effort. Today, it’s impossible to be a successful farmer without the same qualities required by sustainability: thriftiness, efficiency and a respect for the land.

WFCF Storybit: Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers - Blog Image

Anyone who is touched by the flower industry can appreciate a flower farmers’ dedication to implementing sustainable growing practices that respect surrounding ecosystems, reduce transportation footprints, and conserve water and energy.  It’s their goal to put local, sustainably grown American flowers front and center with consumers, retailers and wholesalers. They are proud of the bounty and beauty they bring into homes, special events and life’s celebrations.

WFCF Storybit: Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers - Blog Image

Visit Resendiz Brothers online, and you can even order from them directly at The Protea Store.


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