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Storybit: Honey Girl Organics

Storybit: Honey Girl Organics - Blog Image

Each week we bring you the stories behind your food because transparency matters to you today more than ever before. This also means that people are becoming more conscious of the lifestyle choices they are making for themselves and their families. Think about the products you put, not just into your body, but onto your body. If you’re mindful about the food you eat, the next logical step is to start seeking an understanding about what you’re putting on your skin. You’re already asking what’s in your kitchen pantry so let’s start checking the bathroom cabinet too.

The Story

Used as a term of endearment, Honey Girl Organics, entered the beauty market in 2006. Created by Anthony Maxfield, Gwen Maxfield and Christina Sirlin, they sought out to design a chemical-free moisturizer. This led to Anthony experimenting with honey, beeswax, and olive oil. After a few broken blenders, he came up with a nail and cuticle crème. They quickly discovered that honey and beeswax had great rejuvenating properties, perfect for a moisturizer. For years, the three would create creams for themselves and their friends. Their dedication to creating natural products, coupled with the Green Beauty Movement, helped them create their brand. Today, Honey Girl Organics can be found in more than 400 stores across the country.

The Products

So, what does Honey Girl Organics offer? Glad you asked. They offer a wide range of products from facial scrubs, serums, creams, toners, lip balm, and even a facial wash. They also cater to those individuals that have sensitive skin. The best part about their products is they are completely transparent about what goes into their skincare. No surprises here! If you’re unsure about what products to use or if it will work for your skin, they offer a sample pack of your choosing. To see a full list of their products and to do a little shopping yourself, check out their product page.

Storybit: Honey Girl Organics - Blog Image


Honey Girl Organics is, you guessed it, USDA Certified Organic, which means the product is 95% or more Organic. In order to be Certified Organic the product must be all natural, no synthetic chemicals, and contain no pesticides. Honey Girl Organic’s products have no parabens, hormones, silicones, petroleum products, artificial preservatives, filler or other unnatural additives in their manufacturing. They work diligently to maintain their certifications and provide the most effective and safe skin care possible.

Check out their video “Bees to Beauty” to learn more.


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