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SureHarvest is the technology brain of Where Food Comes From.  The SureHarvest division provides technology solutions by creating custom software platforms for agriculture and food supply chains.  Their platforms and expertise offer a combination of best-in-class web technology and a deep expertise on sustainable agriculture practices and metrics.  SureHarvest will give you an understanding of how you can use those metrics to continuously improve over time and how you can communicate that to your customers.


Passport Traceability

The Passport traceability system is designed for use in tracing identity preservation of a product or group of animals back to its source of origin. Whether you are confirming an animal or group of animal's compliance to various programs and claims or you're tracking a product from the manufacturer to your storefront, the WFCF Passport traceability system can help.  

Passport Traceability
Sustainability Management Tools

Sustainability Management Tools

Our sustainability management platform is a customizable, secure and confidential web-based software solution for food companies, trade associations and farmers to:

  • Communicate performance to stakeholders  

  • Protect and strengthen brand identity

  • Manage risks through transparency

Farm Management Software

Our farm management platform is an integrated workflow software system of six modules, offered as a complete set or by individual module. Pricing is per acre, per module.

Farm Management Software

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