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WFCF has five different divisions under the Where Food Comes From umbrella.  These divisions are led by the industry’s experts in their given field.

We have the ability to provide customers with a full suite of verifications and certifications so that farmers, ranchers, food brands and retailers can best communicate all of their products’ attributes and claims to consumers.  Do you have multiple claims or technology needs?  Ask us about bundling opportunities!

IMI Global

IMI Global has more than 25 years of verification experience and specializes in programs designed for all types of livestock producers and animal protein supply chains.  

Third-party verification programs are the vehicle in which ranchers, growers, feeders, packers, processors and retailers are able to meet specific export or private brand label requirements related to production practices.  

IMI Global
Where Food Comes From Organic
Where Food Comes From Organic

Where Food Comes From Organic, previously known as A Bee Organic, is a USDA Accredited Certification Agency, which provides third-party certification of the National Organic Program standards.  WFCF Organic supports farmers, ranchers, beekeepers, and food processors in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


Validus Verification Services provides expertise in a variety of areas of certification, including animal welfare, worker care, environmental stewardship, and feed and food safety. Validus is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.

Validus Verification Services

SureHarvest provides sustainability certification and compliance management tools and farming information management solutions to drive sustainable value creation in the food and agriculture value chain. SureHarvest works with growers, packer/shippers, food companies, wineries, distributors, and trade associations.


Postelsia leads place-based seafood sustainability initiatives across the globe, focused on forging equitable, inclusive, sustainable improvements. With demand for environmental and social sustainability gaining importance at every link of the supply chain, the Postelsia team turns strategies into action by supporting data-driven programs and connecting producers, buyers, and consumers.  


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