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Social Responsibility


At the heart of Where Food Comes From, Inc. is a group of people dedicated to agriculture, family and community. We believe in conducting business with integrity, ingenuity, respect and transparency, and translating those values across all that we do.

Where Food Comes From takes social responsibility very seriously. It's the entire reason we spend day in and day out helping farmers, ranchers and brands around the world provide transparency to their consumers. Communicating authentic, sustainable and traceable stories directly impacts our future. 



Where Food Comes From believes in helping farmers, ranchers, growers and brands leave the world better than how we found it. Every Where Food Comes From division is working toward providing a sustainable food model for the world. 

Rural Communities

Rural Communities

Rural communities are the backbone and foundation of America, we know that without them, America would not be what it is today. Farmers and ranchers truly are feeding the world, and more often than not, that begins in rural communities. It doesn't matter if you're a small farm or a large farm, you're necessary in feeding the world. Where Food Comes From supports the many rural communities where our customers work and live.

Giiving Back

Giving Back

Where Food Comes From works with farmers, ranchers and brands covering all commodities and products. We support the various associations that have come together to make the food and agriculture industry a better place. Where Food Comes From also encourages their employees to give back as well! Employees are given designated "volunteer days" so they can set aside time specifically to give back to their favorite organizations and the communities that they love.

Transparency & Authenticity

Transparency & Authenticity

The foundation of third-party verification is built around transparency and authenticity.  WFCF believes consumers deserve to know the decisions they are making around food are authentic, which means producers and brands have to be transparent in their production practices.  WFCF is proud to support these efforts.

A key aspect of fulfilling the promise of our value system is by engaging our communities in a significant and positive manner. Not only do we work hard to support agriculture and rural America in a variety of ways, but we also:

Focus on youth – particularly in agriculture and leadership

Encourage sustainability of business, family and the environment

Provide resources to enable knowledge and transparency about food production

Reach out to and lift up rural communities

Verification Matters.
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