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Storybit : Frozen Garden

We live in a fast-paced world where sometimes it seems like we are always on the go. When it comes to the effect that has on the food we eat, it can equate to a fast, convenient meal that probably isn’t providing you with all the nutrition your body needs. What if someone could make that easier? Our good friends at Frozen Garden did just that. Don’t have time for meal prepping? No problem! They did all the work for you with their frozen green smoothies. Just open a smoothie pack, blend and enjoy! It’s a quick nutritious meal you can have on the go. Let’s get blending and learn more about Frozen Garden.

Background Allyson Straka

Storybit : Frozen Garden - Blog Image

Allyson Straka, corporate business mom turned entrepreneur, wanted more than her 9-5 job had to offer. She wanted to do something where she could not only better herself but help others. As she was expecting her first daughter, Allyson really started thinking about the food she was putting in her body and the effects that food was having on her and her child.Attempting to have a more balanced diet, her daily green smoothie routine turned into much more. She became obsessed with what was really in the food she ate. Fast forward to after her second daughter arrived, Allyson decided to ditch the corporate scene and became a certified Holistic Health Coach. Educating people on the real food movement was something she became very passionate about!

As a health coach, Allyson taught clients how to reduce their consumption of processed foods while getting back in their kitchens to cook real, nutrient-dense foods from scratch. For many, finding the time to shop and cook from scratch is their biggest roadblock. It was really frustrating to hear complaints about not being able to buy any “convenient” products. That was when this entrepreneur took the challenge seriously and turned those frustrations into a major game changer. She wanted to create a healthy and convenient solution without chemicals or additives toprove that it is possible to eat healthy in our busy and fast-paced lives. Allyson began to brainstorm what the product should be.

After consulting her father, he asked, “If you could get your clients to do just one thing to improve their health, what would it be?” Without hesitation she said, “Well, drink green smoothies every day!” He responded, “How do you make that easier and more convenient for them?” Just like that, Frozen Garden was created.

Audit Services

Through Where Food Comes From, Frozen Garden is able to label their products as Non-GMO Project verified. The program is the most thorough third-party verification for Non-GMO products. In order to be certified and carry the label, they adhere to all processes under the Non-GMO Project standard. Frozen Garden products never contain sugar, gluten, dairy or soy. Their frozen green smoothiesare also vegan friendly.

The Benefits

While all of Frozen Garden’s ingredients have always been Non-GMO, they are dedicated to continued transparency and believe everyone has a right to know what’s in their food and where it comes from. Where Food Comes From was instrumental in helping Frozen Garden receive their certification. By partnering with Where Food Comes From, the process became simple and easy to certify new products to their growing list. Allyson and the Frozen Garden team love being able to provide a healthy and convenient food solution to consumers without any powders, supplements or gimmicks.

Next time you’re looking for a quick, easy and nutritious meal remember Frozen Garden! Frozen Garden green smoothies are made with 100% realfruits, veggies, seeds and spices andingredients are sourced from local farmers, when available. All you have to do isadd water and blend! Sounds easy and delicious enough to us!

Learn more about Frozen Garden here.

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Storybit : Frozen Garden - Blog Image

Storybit : Frozen Garden - Blog Image

Storybit : Frozen Garden - Blog Image


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