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Storybit : Taylor Ranch

Here at Where Food Comes From, we love sharing the stories of those who support our vision and values when it comes to your food. We head to Western Oklahoma this week to meet Jimmy and Tracy Taylor from Taylor Ranch.

Taylor Ranch

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With generations of family farming experience, this husband and wife duo know a thing or two about raising quality cattle. Jimmy and Tracy Taylor own and manage Taylor Ranch, a ranch they consider a “mom and pop operation,” located just south of Cheyenne, Oklahoma. The ranch was started by Jimmy’s great-grandfather in 1914 and his father Jim was the first to manage the ranch in 1953. After getting married the newlyweds quickly learned everything about the land where the ranch resided before taking over management in 1993. From the start, their goal was to sell quality beef products creating a better eating experience for their consumers, and that same goal continues today.

Their herd currently includes approximately 600 Angus heifers (females) running on 12,000 acres in the heart of the rolling Red Shale Hills in western Oklahoma. When it comes to the maintenance of the cattle, both Jimmy and Tracy are extremely hands-on. They care about their cattle and ensure each animal is receiving top notch care.

Happy cow, happy life – right?

Our definition of a happy cow is that at the end of every day, all her nutritional, mineral and health needs have been met and she is content and lying down. When we have done this, we have done our job. – Jimmy Taylor
Storybit : Taylor Ranch - Blog Image

Taylor Ranch strives to provide the best end-product possible for every consumer and to them that means happy and healthy cattle. They treat every animal as if it is going to be served on their own table. In order to provide a great eating experience, Taylor Ranch focuses on two things : verification programs and genetics. Through DNA testing and genetic profiling, they are able to ensure they retain a high-quality herd.

In 2011, the Taylor’s won the Cattleman Commitment to Excellence Commercial Award. Since becoming a recipient, the Taylor’s have continued to evolve their processes and care of their cattle.

Verification Process

As mentioned above, verification programs are a main focus for Taylor Ranch. Today, they partner with IMI Global, a division of Where Food Comes From, to participate in the Source & Age, Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) and Verified Natural Beef (VNB) and China Export Verification (EV) verification programs.

The Benefits of Verification

Verification is important to the Taylor’s because not only does it provide transparency to the consumer, but they also receive a premium for their hard work and dedication to providing the type of beef that consumers demand. These programs also allow cattle to be eligible for buyers and brands seeking specialty markets that require these specific beef attributes, including export to China!

It’s evident that the Jimmy and Tracy Taylor of Taylor Ranch not only care about their animals, but also the experience that consumers receive at their dinner table. It’s important that we remember their hard work and passion when we’re at the grocery store or our dinner table. We love telling you these stories, and we can’t wait to share more!

Interested in learning more about the programs that Where Food Comes From offers? Check them out here.


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