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WFCF Storybit : Waverly Foster Farm

WFCF Storybit : Waverly Foster Farm - Blog Image

As a consumer, we often hear a lot of words that end up being “buzz words.” For many, the sound of words like “hemp” and “CBD” fall into the “buzz word” category until recently. However, the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill has move d hemp out of that category and into what is now a household word. Many are coming to know hemp and hemp-based products for their many beneficial uses and for their fast-growing popularity.

This week we introduce you to Waverly Foster Farm. Waverly Foster Farm is a 50+ year legacy farm currently producing Organic Hemp Biomass in beautiful Ft. Collins, Colorado. Their hemp biomass product can be used for a number of different final products from CBD to CBG tinctures, capsules and salves. There are many steps involved to get to those final products, so let’s start at the beginning : farming!

Their Story

John Foster knows a lot about growing up on a farm. Since 1976, he grew up assisting his self-described “hippy” parents who had a passion for helping “Mother Earth.” Early on, his mother ensured that their farm would not spray for weeds or pollute their farm with any chemicals.

WFCF Storybit : Waverly Foster Farm - Blog Image

John eventually left the farm to pursue other things, but his father soon approached him about returning to help them grow hemp. At first, John thought his father was out of his mind. Grow hemp? Could he really make a living out of this? John decided to do some extensive research about the industry. He found himself strongly considering leaving the corporate consulting train and returning to the farm he was raised on. John was always up for a challenge and loved seeking out new knowledge, and this felt like a calling – a way to keep himself young at heart and of mind and engaged with life. John was also considered a people person and enjoyed the thought of connecting and sharing his knowledge with others, as well as having the opportunity to learn a few new things along the way.

Two years ago, John officially decided to make the move into the hemp industry. He immediately sensed a disparity within the hemp community and a lack of trust with consumers. Prior to the 2018 Farm Bill passing, John was struggling to see what the future would hold for him and this new industry. He knew there was a better way to bring hemp farmers together around verification and farming best practices.

WFCF Storybit : Waverly Foster Farm - Blog Image

John knew that education would be key to connecting with consumers. This is why Waverly Foster Farms is a learning and educational farm that is dedicated to finding the simplest and most sustainable ways to grow the best crops without chemicals or preservatives. While there is still so much consumer education to be done, Waverly Foster Farms is making great progress.

Today, Waverly Foster Farms supports a supply chain in the wellness products space – CBD tinctures and other products. John knows that new uses are still being found for the hemp plant that already touts hundreds of uses, most in the wellness space. The exciting part is, John and team are at the forefront and hope to accelerate wellness across the globe as it relates to hemp and hemp-based products.

Verification Programs

Waverly Foster Farms is located in Colorado, so they have to abide by the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) Pilot Hemp program. This program is rigorously managed, and they must remain compliant with the guidelines. In addition, maintaining constant communication with the local CDA representative for both Planting and Harvest reports. Their crops are also tested frequently and must remain below the Federally mandated < .3 THC rating.

John and his farming team wanted to take verification even further, so they immediately sought after the Certified Organic designation. Growing up with parents who were free spirited and had a deep connection to the Earth, he knew Waverly Foster Farms had to be Certified Organic. So, John began the verification process with paperwork and onsite inspections – and boy, did he learn A LOT! John decided he could help educate others on within the hemp industry. He began building an educational framework that followed all the things he encountered during the season, such as understanding the field and documenting changes. He was transferring his planning skills and showing how efficiencies paired with data tracking can help farmers improve their product.

Why is being Certified Organic Important to Waver Foster Farms?

If you haven’t noticed, John is a big supporter of educating his community and the industry. He has seen first-hand the challenges that exist when consumers are not properly informed of the products they purchase. John wants to be part of the efforts to provide consumers transparency about the products they use for themselves and their families. It’s not easy being a farmer, but the benefit of providing products that consumers can trust is well worth it for John and Wavery Foster Farm.

If you would like to learn more about John and Waverly Foster Farm be sure to check out their website.


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