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Worker Care Review Certification by Validus

Heart and Soul of the Food Industry

Most of us have been employed at one time or another. Think about your current job or maybe a past position. The work you do or have done might seem to be small in relation to the overall company, but every action translates to a bigger picture. So how does your role affect the outcome of your company’s goals? Work performed by yourself and others may help achieve specific objectives that translate to a better experience for customers. In any business environment, the most valuable asset is their people. They are the heart and soul – ultimately determining the success and growth of the company. This holds true for every industry, and most especially food and agriculture. Without farmers, growers, or producers we wouldn’t have the food supply we have today. Not to mention the support of our auditors who partner with our farm teams to ensure nothing but the best when it comes to transparency with your food. In our previous blogs you learned about Validus certifications that included Animal Welfare and Environmental Review. This week we focus on the next Validus Certified Program– Worker Care Review – because people matter.

Validus Worker Care Review

Worker Care Review Certification by Validus

Coming into a positive work environment makes you feel good about the job you are doing.  Part of keeping those feelings optimistic is the conditions that you work in.  When you leave home and head to work, you want to return safely to your family and loved ones after the day is done.  As part of their verification practices, Validus created the Worker Care Review Standard, which includes a comprehensive pre-audit of worker care practices consisting of worker eligibility, worker safety and worker compensation.  It is verified on-site by Validus auditors who receive on-going, comprehensive training based on International Organization of Standards (ISO) requirements.  The audit focuses on many areas, including the following:

  • Federal and State Labor Laws

  • Employee Worker Health and Safety Requirements

  • Transportation Requirements

  • Non-discrimination Practices

  • Employment Records

  • Applicable Housing Provisions

  • On-Site Working Conditions Observations

This audit helps ensure employees are hired legally, treated and compensated fairly, and provided a safe working environment.

A CARE Producer

Validus and Where Food Comes From understand you spend a lot of time at your job and that conditions there should be safe and harmonious. In fact, Validus felt it was so important they included it as part of their designation. To learn more about the verification programs, check out Where Food Comes From and Validus Certification.

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