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Your Holiday Plate

“Brine the turkey, mash the potatoes, stir the cranberry sauce, don’t forget to let the pies cool!” Are you prepping for that epic holiday party? Incorporating everyone’s traditions and recipes can be a little overwhelming. Make sure you don’t leave out grandma’s famous eggnog scones or moms sweet potato pie. Who could forget those delicious desserts? This year start by planning a smart holiday meal with no fuss. Here are a few tips to help you survive the food coma this holiday season.

Before we start down the grocery store aisle, let’s simplify your trip by first planning out your ingredient list. If you’re sticking to the traditional route, you will most likely need plenty of green beans, potatoes, and baking sweets. Are you going to tackle a large turkey or perhaps a glazed ham or maybe even chicken is your bird of choice this year? Whichever direction you take, Where Food Comes From has products in retailers like Whole Foods, Nugget Market, and Heinens so you can find verified products for your holiday meal. What about verified products that tell a story about where they came from? We can give you that too!

Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to slack off from making informed choices about the foods you’re preparing. Remember to do your research and even check out our site to learn more about the verification process and what to look for. Our good friends at Whole Foods recently shared some menu planning ideas that might be ideal for your upcoming holiday meals. Maybe you want to add a little citrus to your turkey brine or even add a touch of lime to that sweet potato casserole. Head over to their recipe section to check out some twists and tricks for your holiday meal.

Now you’ve planned out the meal, the grocery list is checked, and the food prep is in full swing. Just like you’re behind the scenes in the kitchen, Where Food Comes From is behind the scenes in a different way. We help verify thousands of food brands, ranches, and farms each year for a variety of programs and claims and we help them tell their story. You may have even noticed our own source verified logo while checking food labels at your grocer. Visit our Brands page to hear their stories!

“We take great pride in the specifications that go into the sourcing of our food products. We only accept the very best for our customers. The Where Food Comes From® labeling program helps us to provide our customers information about the source of our beef and pork products, and lets consumers learn firsthand about where, how and by whom their food was raised.” –Tom Heinen, Heinen’s Fine Foods

Finally, as your putting the final touches on your meal before friends and family arrive, remember that every meal has a story just like those holiday stories you hold dear. On behalf of Where Your Food Comes From, we want to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season. Remember to follow our journey as we continue into 2019, you won’t want to miss out!


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