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The Upcycled Certified Standard,
which is now officially part of the WFCF family of standards,
is designed to reduce food waste by promoting the upcycled food economy.
Upcycled products use ingredients that have full nutritional value and are safe but for various reasons would have gone to waste.

Upcycled Certified
Upcycled Certified

Upcycled Certified

Operators that grow, produce, manufacture, process, and trade in food, beverages and other food-related products are eligible to apply for Upcycled Certified. These operators must demonstrate that ingredients they handle have been procured and produced using verifiable supply chains.


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Why Should You Become Upcycled Certified?

62% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product that fights food waste.


of consumers are willing to pay more for a product that fights food waste. (Innova Market Insights)

Upcycled Certified


of consumers had increased intent to buy Upcycled Certified foods when the mark was on packaging. (Hartman Group)

95% of consumers see food waste as an issue.


of consumers see food waste as an issue. (UFF)

Bundling Opportunities

Bundling Opportunities

The certification process is often thought of as time consuming and laborious.  How will you manage more certifications when you're already focusing on so many others? If it’s your first time, certification is honestly a daunting task.


WFCF has focused priorities and certification efforts to serve consumer package good companies, retailers, suppliers and farmers to ensure we can offer all of the highly recognized certifications while reducing your costs, creating brand awareness and saving you time by streamlining and bundling your many certifications.

WFCF has five different divisions under the WFCF umbrella and are each led by the industry’s experts in their given field.  When you choose to work with WFCF, you can rest assured you're working with the best of the best!

Verification Matters.
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