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Mariah Vineyards

Every Meal Has A Story

Savor the taste of Mariah Vineyards sustainably grown grapes

The Industry Leader in Certification, Verification & Technology Solutions

Where Food Comes From, Inc., is an independent, third-party food verification company. We care about how it’s grown and raised, what farmers and ranchers do, and authentically telling that story to consumers through labeling and technology solutions. What we do >

Featured Verification Program

The Paleo Diet

"The Paleo Diet® certification program is based on the science of Dr. Loren Cordain, who founded the modern Paleolithic nutrition movement, and is based on the organization’s mission: to promote science-based healthy nutrition and make better nutrition more accessible to health-conscious consumers. The Paleo Diet has translated the evidence-based, peer-reviewed science of Paleolithic eating into a modern food certification process that is now available to food manufacturers, retailers, and other partners."

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