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Certified Piedmontese Beef


Certified Piedmontese

Source Verified 


Certified Piedmontese beef is a farm-to-fork beef operation that delivers lean and tender gourmet beef that is Source Verified back to family ranches across the Midwest.  A rare breed originating in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, Piedmontese is a naturally lean breed of cattle that produces beef that doesn’t compromise tenderness for nutrition. Unlike conventional beef, Piedmontese does not rely solely on fatty marbling for tenderness, instead delivering beef that’s as tender as USDA Prime-grade cuts with an exceptional nutritional profile. 


Values & Commitments 


Each ranch supplying the Certified Piedmontese brand is focused on a specific set of criteria required by Certified Piedmontese. The cattle spend the majority of their lives grazing open rangelands, and their diets are supplemented by forage crops often raised by the ranchers who care for them. Ranchers focus on providing the highest standard of care through environmental controls and progressive stockmanship techniques such as low-stress handling, eliminating the use of antibiotics and added hormones.  In the end, Certified Piedmontese brings you a superior breed, raised with diligence by families dedicated to care at every step for high-quality beef that you can feel good about. Visit to learn more!

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