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Scientists are an intrical part of the Where Food Comes From family, because of this, Where Food Comes From can build custom software programs and analyze the data and metrics related to a specific commodity to determine how to best move forward to build a more sustainable world for us all.  Below are the programs we work with to do just that!


Third-Party Verification Programs

USDA Process Verified Programs (PVP):

Multiple divisions of Where Food Comes From, Inc. carry USDA PVP accreditation, which means that we offer verification services to a wide variety of “points” or “claims” that are tied to processes and procedures the USDA has reviewed and approved. We conduct the audits, determine compliance to the claims requested, and issue certificates of approval for our customers.


Additional programs offered within the WFCF Process Verified umbrella are: Never-Fed Beta Agonists, Verified Grass-Fed Beef, Vegetarian Fed, Flax Fed and SO100 Feed Claims.


Consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing products that meet specific criteria, whether regarding animal welfare, environmental integrity, on-farm security, worker care, or other important aspects of production.

​The marketplace is witnessing strengthened demand for food produced using socially responsible practices.
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Validus Certified Programs:


You can learn more about Validus Certified programs here.
A brief summary of each program is below.

National Organic Program (NOP):


Third-Party & Private Label Programs:


One of the unique aspects of Where Food Comes From, Inc. is our ability to provide verification and certification services to a broad range of programs and standards. In addition to our USDA accreditation, we are also an approved third-party verifier for 50+ additional programs and organizations, and have highlighted many of them below.

Standard & Software Managemnt

Standard Management & Software  

Investigative Audits:

Investigative Audits

Where Food Comes From can work with you to schedule investigative audits to minimize your risk or assess a current situation within your supply chain.  Contact us to learn more!

Verification Matters.
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