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Process Verified Program


The Where Food Comes From Process Verified Program (PVP) offers a unique avenue to market products using clearly defined, implemented, and transparent marketing claims.  


A customer’s program may include one or more agricultural processes or portions of processes where self-described marketing claims are supported by a documented management system and independently verified by a qualified WFCF verification team specialist. 

Why Choose WFCF?

The WFCF PVP is a documented program supported by a management system allows you the opportunity to assure your customers of your ability to provide consistent, quality products. Marketing claims may include how you conform to various internal, industry, international or brand-defined requirements. 

Why choose WFCF?

WFCF is made up of various verification and technology solutions divisions: IMI Global, WFCF Organic, SureHarvest, Validus and Postelsia.  Collectively, these Divisions hold accreditation to ISO 17065, certification to ISO 9000 and accreditation by the USDA National Organic Program.  


The WFCF Process Verified Program (PVP) uses the expertise of these Divisions and the ISO 9000 series standards for documented quality management systems as a format for evaluating WFCF PVP documentation and customer activities.  This ensures consistent and creditable auditing practices, and enables both domestic and international recognition of our audit results.

Where Food Comes From Process Verified

Customers with an approved WFCF PVP in place may use the WFCF Process Verified label and marketing program. The WFCF labeling program utilizes the authenticity of third-party verification and the accessibility of Quick Response (QR) Code technology to instantly connect your customers to your verified product.  WFCF Process Verified labeled product carries a unique QR Code that is easily scanned and gives your customers immediate and unprecedented access to information about the people and processes behind your products.

Our policies and procedures can be found here.


  • Raised Without Antibiotics, No Antibiotics Ever: 
    Source animals cannot be administered antibiotics in their feed, water or by injections at any point in the production process, including pre-hatch. This includes ionophores, which are recognized as antibiotics.


  • Cage-Free: Chickens were never confined to cages during raising.

  • 100% Vegetarian Feed, Raised Using Vegetarian Feeds: 
    All vegetable feeds and no animal products (e.g., whey) are fed to the animal


  • No Animal By-Products:  No animal by-products (e.g. whey) were fed to the animal, only all vegetable feeds.

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