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McClaren Farms

Every Meal Has A Story

Product Name & Claims: Filet Mignon
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WFCF Third-Party Verified

providing authenticity and traceability to your story

Where Food Comes From is a third-party verification company that verifies specific processes and procedures are in place for farms, ranches, brands, retailers and restaurants to make specific claims about their products.

WFCF visits ranches onsite all over the country to verify that the McClaren Farms brand has met specific requirements to their specific claims.  This means you can be confident in the claims being made by McClaren Farms. 

This is all done through onsite audits at ranch locations on an annual basis, which is all done by an independent auditor.  Audits are also conducted across the supply chain once cattle leave the ranch to ensure authenticity and traceability measures are in place.

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A Sustainability Journey

a sustainable commitment,
a journey of continuous improvement

These values are at the core of everything McClaren Farms believes in, which is why it is their goal to have the entire brand become CARE Certified.

They announced this goal in 2022 and have continuously improved year after year!

“This is the beef we serve at our family’s table, and we’re honored to partner with top chefs across the country to help them serve their best.”

- Bob McClaren -

4th-Generation Rancher & President

of McClaren Farms

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