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Storybit : Unique Pretzels

Calling all pretzel lovers! If you’re like us, you’re completely twisted over this snacking staple. The likelihood you’ve come in contact with a pretzel recently is as likely as you’ve seen milk in your local grocery cooler. This distinctive baked snack is everywhere! In fact, 180 million Americans consumed a pretzel in 2018. That’s way too many for your snack bowl. Recently on National Pretzel Day, we introduced you to our friends over at Unique Pretzels, and now we’re taking a deeper look into their mouthwatering products and fascinating story! In fact, it might change the way you look at the traditional pretzel; from crispy bubbles and crunchy crevices, Unique Pretzels is a pretzel lover’s dream.

The Spannuth Legacy

Known for the “Original Split-Open Pretzel,” this six-generation family business has a lot of rich history and German heritage. Trademarked in 1921, they knew early on their future was bright and pretzel shaped. Over the years the recipes were perfected and some even created by mistake or maybe by miracle. Their unique slow baking process combined with letting their raw pretzels perfect over time equates to several delicious products. Their original “Splits” consist of crispy bubbles and crunchy crevices that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Now, we can’t give away all the family secrets, you’ll just have to do some taste testing yourself.

In 1999, the sixth generation of Spannuth family pretzel operators joined the ranks – William and Justin Spannuth. With new leadership and some buried family treasure consisting of secret pretzel ideas, the competitive brother duo was on their way to change the traditional pretzel industry. Shortly after taking over, the team introduced the Extra Salted Multigrain Split Pretzels, but they didn’t stop there. Knowing they had to do more to dominate the pretzel world, in 2009 they introduced an Organic recipe with health benefits called “Sprouted.” Their wide range of products consisting of pretzel delicacies like sourdough, chocolate, pretzel shells and the original splits have truly made them “unique.” If you’re looking for something savory and sweet to dunk your pretzels, well they’ve thought of that too. Unique Pretzels offers multiple dip varieties to complement each pretzel flavor profile. Rooted in the heart of the Pretzel Capital of the World – Pennsylvania – they plan on carrying on the family legacy for pretzel lovers for centuries to come.

The Simplicity Benefits Behind Unique Pretzel

Unique Pretzel takes pride in their pretzels. For generations, they have been baking their pretzels with the same “basic tried-and-true process” full of healthy ingredients and now, it happens to be a focus for consumers. Unique Pretzels is proud to highlight their heritage of whole, simple and healthy ingredients. In fact, most of their products contain only 5 simple ingredients! They never add preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, malts, or sugars to their pretzels, so it’s a snack you can feel good about eating. From the Splits, Sourdough, Shells, and Sprouted, each pretzel is designed with a specific anatomy profile packed with a lot of crunch.


Today, all Unique Pretzel products are Non-GMO Project verified, and their Sprouted “Splits” and Shells are both Non-GMO Project and USDA Organic verified.

They are Non-GMO Project Verified and USDA Organic through International Certification Services (ICS), a division of Where Food Comes From. Over 50K products are verified today from the Non-GMO Project, which confirms that products have not been genetically engineered and that the ingredients used are not derived from GMOs. In order to receive this certification, it means that Unique Pretzel products have been though stringent provisions for testing, traceability and segregation. They are also able to meet the standards set forth by the USDA for the Organic certification, which is another extremely stringent certification program!

Where to Buy Unique Pretzel Products

It’s obvious that Unique Pretzel is here for all pretzel lovers. They strive to deliver their best snack to satisfy them all, and because of that (and the fact that we’re now starving) we’re off to grab some! They are currently sold across the U.S. from large grocery store chains to small independent markets. They can be found in the salty snack aisle or the healthy snack aisle since they identify as both! If you can’t find any in your local store, you’re able to order direct from their website,, or on!


Check out Unique Pretzel products here.

Learn more about ICS here.

Visit Where Food Comes From for more verification here.


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