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WFCF CARE : People & Community

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As human beings we want to connect with others in a more meaningful way, whether this is through online communities or in person, we crave it.  Over the last several years our community at Where Food Comes From has grown.  Our community has brought individuals from all parts of the United States together sharing their perspective and knowledge of the food industry.  With the help of these individuals, we’ve been able to educate you about the importance of food production, their sustainable practices and recently, we’ve taken a stance on “Sustainability” and what we believe it means.   Our third pillar of the CARE program is People and Community, because farmers and ranchers know that without their families, their employees and their local, rural communities, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Every farmer and rancher who participates in CARE becomes a part of our team. If you’ve been reading our weekly blog, you’ve actually met some of them!  This is one way we highlight the excellent work and due diligence that they put forth.  They obtaining CARE certification, they exhibit all of the pillars that encompass CARE; Animal Husbandry, Environmental Stewardship, People & Community.  Every meal has a story and we are here to help you discover it.

Part of that discovery is understanding every element from point of origin to plate. This is why we bring these stories to the forefront and give you the behind the scenes view of farms and ranches.  Certification happens at every level from animal husbandry, environmental standards, to the welfare of the employees.  Part of our pillars within every standard of CARE, is ensuring the health and safety of every individual.  This ranges from compensation, benefits, work conditions, and opportunity for growth.  Farmers and ranchers count on these individuals to provide the highest care for the animals around the clock. So, it’s important we take care of them as well whether that’s an employee or a family member.   Many of the CARE farms and ranches have generations of family farming experience, but, some of them are first generations.  Either way, these farms and ranches also work toward planning for the next generation.

Understanding the importance of People & Community means helping a fellow farmer build a fence, donate food to the local schools, 4-H and FFA organizations or providing support when a natural disaster occurs.  CARE represents a community of farms and ranches that are committed to doing the right thing and understanding each other’s challenges.  They lean on each other when they need it.  When you’re a part of CARE, you’re part of an entire life-long community providing better food options for generations to come.


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