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WFCF Storybit: Bogle Winery

The holidays can be stressful – especially in 2020! – but selecting the perfect wine for holiday festivities doesn’t have to be. Bogle Winery has a wide array of red, white and rose’ wines to keep all of the wine lovers in your family happy. But did you know that when you buy a Bogle Winery wine that you’re not only getting a delicious wine, but that you’re also supporting sustainable practices? That’s right! Bogle Winery is certified by not one, but TWO, sustainability programs. The Bogle family’s 50+ years of experience in the wine industry has led them to understand just how important sustainability practices are to the land, their product and also to the consumer. Because of this, they participate in the CALIFORNIA RULES (an expansion of LODI RULES) and the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) programs – both of which we’ve talked about before. This week we are happy to bring you the story of this six-generation winemaking family whose dedication to quality delivers the perfect wine for your holiday season!

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How It All Started

For the Bogle family, winemaking has always been a family affair. With 50 years of experience, this six-generation winemaking family takes pride in the business they’ve grown over the years. Their day-to-day involvement and dedication of the vineyard’s employees have been the key to their success.

The first winemaking Bogle, Captain AJ Bogle – an infantry man in the civil war, set up the family’s first farming roots in the California delta in the 1870s. Along with his nephew, Samuel, they farmed cherries, peaches, pears and potatoes. Unfortunately, the homestead would be lost during the Great Depression. It wasn’t until 1968 when Warren Bogle and his son, Chris, planted the first 20 acres of wine grapes that the family’s winemaking would start to take root. The family grew grapes for 10 years on that land for other wineries. Then, in 1978, they released wine under their own label. Just one year later the original winery was constructed which still stands to this day.

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In 1989 Warren’s son Chris and his wife Patty took over the winery proudly intent on growing the operation and in under 8 years they had done just that. When Chris passed away in 1997 the farm had grown to more than 1,000 acres.

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Continuing the family tradition, the sixth generation of Bogle’s began to return to the family vineyard one by one to help work the day-to-day operations. Warren, Jody, and Ryan, pictured left to right and the grandchildren of Warren, continue with the same dedication and passion as the generations before them. Winemaking is truly a family affair if you ask the Bogle’s. They are proud to carry on the family legacy and are just as committed to quality as the generations before them.

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Sustainable Practices

1,900 acres and growing! The Bogle family knows a thing or two about nurturing the land. They understand it’s essential to their business that the vitality of the land be cared for to continue harvesting year after year. The land and water are part of their livelihood and they firmly believe in leaving those resources in better shape than when they started.

“What sustainability means to me is to strive to be better than previous generations whether that is being a better farmer, a better boss or a better friend to the environment…and it’s giving the next generation a chance to do the same thing.” WARREN BOGLE, BOGLE VINEYARDS

When we all do our part, the environment becomes a better place for us to live and thrive in. As part of CALIFORNIA RULES, an expansion of LODI RULES program, Warren and team are expected to follow the same rigorous standards and auditing practices. So, what does that mean? Not depleting the soil and preserving the natural resources by limiting the effects of the vineyard operations.

Award Winning

The Bogle family is always improving their craft so that every pour of their wine leaves you wanting more. Maintaining a sustainable vineyard is hard work, but well worth the sacrifice. Today, they are Certified Green by CALIFORNIA RULES as well as participants in the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance program.

In 2018, they were honored with the Green Medal Leader Award for demonstrating environmentally sound and economically viable practices. Always striving for more, in 2019 they were named the American Winery of the Year by Wine Enthusiast, which was a truly humbling experience for the family.

Let’s raise a glass to the Bogle family, past and present, who have dedicated their lives to great winemaking and sustainability!

To learn more about sustainable wine practices and where you can purchase their wine, visit their website.

WFCF Storybit: Bogle Winery - Blog Image


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