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Are you Certified by Where Food Comes From?  

If so, you are eligible for our Storybit video series!  We are looking for passionate families to tell their story so we can bridge the gap between farmers, ranchers and consumers.  The video shoot will only last one day and in most scenarios, we only visit one location. 


Please begin by filling out the below information and upload a 5-minute (or less) video of yourself, or multiple people, telling your story. Do you have too many people to fit into a 5-minute video?  Go ahead and send us a longer one!  In your video, please tell us how you got started and what is most important to you, challenges you and your family face as well as your hopes for the future, what WFCF programs/services you participate in, and anything else you'd want us to know that you in turn think consumers should know!  This is not the time to hold back.  Consumers want to see the passion you have for what you do and so do we! 


We will contact you to set up a phone interview if we can proceed with the shoot.

Unfortunately, we cannot feature everyone in the video series, but we'd love to support you in other ways on social media.   Please tag us in your posts so we can feature you!

If you are having issues with this online application, please email us at

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