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Gerber's Amish Farm Chicken


Gerber's Amish Farm Chicken

Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken comes from a second-generation family owned and operated business located in the heart of Ohio’s breathtaking Amish country.

Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken 


In the spring of 1952, Dwight and Melva Gerber started distributing eggs and fresh vegetables out of their home in Kidron, Ohio.  As word got around that someone was delivering items from the Amish Country of Ohio, many inquiries regarding fresh chicken products started to surface. As demand for the Gerber’s farm-raised chicken continued to increase, the business began to grow.  Now, three generations later, Gerber’s Poultry is a thriving business committed to providing customers with high quality, great tasting chicken. 


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Where Food Comes From Source Verified® 


Gerber’s is utilizing the Where Food Comes From Source Verified® program to authentically tell the story behind Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken. Where Food Comes From conducts third-party source verification audits to ensure that all of Gerber’s products are traceable back to a group of farmers that raise chickens specifically for the Gerber brand. 


As a result, Where Food Comes From not only knows the families producing Gerber’s chickens, but we can introduce you to them!  By scanning a Quick Response (QR) on a package of Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken, you can instantly learn more about their products and the families behind them.  Don’t have a package in front of you or already scanned the code? If so, you can get to know some of their farmers and farm team members here.

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Gerber's Amish Farm Chicken
Gerber's Product Claims

Gerber’s Product Claims

Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken is Source Verified by Where Food Comes From, Inc. However, Gerber also has many internal standards they require of those farmers who raise chickens for their brand. These concepts, commitments, requirements, and claims beyond Source Verification are specific to Gerber’s own internal policies and are not verified by Where Food Comes From, but may have additional oversight by other third-party entities and are managed entirely by Gerber’s internal Farm Team.

No Antibiotics Ever: 

Gerber requires that no antibiotics are ever added to the feed or water that Gerber chicken consume.


100% Vegetarian Diet: 

Corn and soybeans are used to make our specialized, antibiotic free vegetable-based, all natural feed. What’s not in our feed is probably just as important. No artificial ingredients … no chemicals … no additives … no hormones … nothing that doesn’t belong if you do things the right way. That’s why we say that better feed means better taste. In fact, Gerber’s customers often relay that Gerber chicken actually tastes like the chicken that was raised on their own grandfather or grandmother’s farm.

No Hormones: 

In the United States, hormones are not allowed in the production of poultry or market hogs. Consistent with federal regulations, Gerber prohibits the use of hormones in the raising of their chickens.


No By-Products: 

Gerber’s chickens are fed an all-vegetarian diet of corn, soybeans, vitamins and minerals. Absolutely no antibiotics, no by-products, no arsenic, no hormones or steroids or artificial ingredients.


No Gluten: 

Gluten is a naturally occurring protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Even if Gerber’s chickens consume one of these grains as part of their diet, the gluten is broken down completely during the digestion process. Muscle tissue or meat from these birds will not contain gluten. Gerber has even taken the extra step to test its products to confirm that the meat is indeed gluten free, and all tests came back negative. Gerber does not enhance its products in any way, so consumers who have a gluten intolerance can feel confident in purchasing and consuming Gerber chicken.

Family Farms: 

We have approximately 150 individual Amish family farms who grow our chickens for us. All of these farms are within a 50- 75 mile radius from our corporate office/ processing plant. Whether our chickens grow in old style or new houses, our goal is to raise them safely, comfortably and on a healthy diet. Our relationship with our growers, our in house training procedures, along with third party humane certified audits allow us to raise our chickens in the healthiest of environments.

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WFCF Process Verified

WFCF Process Verified


As a true independent, third-party verifier, Where Food Comes From ensures that Gerber’s products are sourced from the producers they say they are, and traceable back to a specific group of farms that meet Gerber’s unique production requirements. 


To learn more about the Source Verification process, click here.

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Gerber's Farm Team

Gerber’s Farm Team


One of the unique aspects of Gerber Amish Farm Chicken is the close relationship they maintain with their farmers, who are the individual families that raise the chickens for the Gerber brand. These farmers must follow a specific set of rules and guidelines set by Gerber in order to produce chickens, which cover everything from housing requirements and litter disposal to detailed practices regarding animal health, welfare and nutrition. 


In order to maintain this relationship and ensure their chicken is raised in a way that meets and exceeds their expectations, Gerber maintains a staff dedicated specifically to their farmers called the “Farm Team”.  The members of Gerber’s Farm Team are the eyes and ears of the company and spend their time on the road visiting and working with Gerber’s 150 family farmers to ensure their chicken is raised and handled to their exact specifications.

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