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December 27, 2023

Supermarket Perimeter:
Where Food Comes From Acquires Certification Program for Upcycled Foods

Where Food Comes From, Inc., (WFCF) a company that owns and operates third-party verification services, has acquired the Upcycled Certified program from the Upcycled Food Association (UFA), Denver.

October 25, 2022

USMEF to recognize Lighthizer, Saunders at upcoming conference

Leann Saunders, co-founder of Where Food Comes From, will receive the USMEF Distinguished Service Award. This award honors outstanding figures in the red meat industry who exemplify the exceptional, individual dedication responsible for the federation’s success.

March 2021

Heinen’s Enhances Label, Sourcing Transparency in Meat Case

Upscale grocer Heinen’s has implemented the Where Food Comes From CARE Certified program for on-site verification of label claims for beef, pork and poultry.

May 2019

Weighing the Value of Third-Party Verification Programs, Progressive Cattleman

April 2019

CSU Partners to Create Game-Changing Facility

One of the unique amenities of the JBS facility is the Where Food Comes From Market

December 2018

Cargill Canadian Beef Pilot Project Momentum Continues

December 2017

Food Safety News features Leann Saunders

Traceability discussed by Leann Saunders, COO and president of Where Food Comes From, a Denver based third-party agricultural and food verification company. featured in Food Safety News. This article is the second of a four part series.

December 2016

The Seaside Baker

Mountain States’ Where Food Comes From Source Verified lamb featured in a tasty recipe where source is indicated as an important aspect of quality.

June 2016

Calgary Herald

Where Food Comes From is recognized as the third-party verifier for the McDonald’s Verified Sustainable Beef pilot in Canada.

March 2016

Kathy Kaehler – Better Living Expert (Blog Post)

Kathy Kaehler, celebrity fitness trainer and blogger discusses her new found love for American lamb and the value of knowing where your food comes from in her latest blog post. Oh, and she gives Where Food Comes From some love, too!

November 2015

Drovers CattleNetwork

President, Leann Saunders, and two long-time IMI Global verification customers featured in Drovers article on opportunities in value-added beef programs.

September 2015

Feed Navigator

The Feed Verified program is featured in an article about the need to streamline livestock feed and supplement selection for certification programs.

July 2015

La Junta Tribune

Where Food Comes From, Inc. President, Leann Saunders, featured in a discussion on the verification of sustainable beef production.

March 2015

edibleAspen Feature

Where Food Comes From, Inc. featured in the “Notable Edibles” section of the Spring 2015 edibleAspen Magazine, a member of the edible Communities family of magazines.

February 2015

Health Craze

Food marketing, truth and transparency define consumer demands, and the success of Where Food Comes From, Inc.

January 2015

United States Meat Export Federation

Where Food Comes From, Inc. President, Leann Saunders, elected as Chair of United States Meat Export Federation Board. (video)

August 2014

Labatt Food Services

Labatt Food Services features Where Food Comes From label in new Native American Beef video

April 2014

New York Times

A beef verification customer and supplier to the Where Food Comes From labeled New Mexico Source Verified Beef brand features in New York Times article

October 2013

Bellavitae Chef’s Blog

Four Daughters Land and Cattle Features New Mexico Source Verified

July 2013

Superior Sunrise TV

Interview of Doug Stanton, Executive Vice President of Where Food Comes From.

May 2013

Global Trade Magazine

“Wrangling America’s Carbon Footprint”
IMI Global at Forefront of Technological Advancements in Beef Production

August 2023

Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative Partners with Where Food Comes From, Inc. to Support Small-Scale Producers in Asia

As a multi-stakeholder non-profit organization, ASIC has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable seafood production and responsible sourcing practices in Southeast Asia.

October 13, 2022

Paniolo Cattle Company Commits to Third-Party Verified BeefCARE Sustainability Program

Paniolo Cattle Company, one of the largest local beef programs in the state of Hawaiʻi, has committed to the Where Food Comes From CARE Certified™ sustainability program, known as BeefCARE for the beef industry.

August 2019

Sustainable Beef Initiative Effort Motors Ahead

Harvey’s signs on to program as demand for certified sustainable beef continues to grow

May 2019

Building a Better Hemp Industry

The certification program recognizes companies that have taken steps to provide the hemp market with safe and accurately labeled products.

February 2019

Transparency Demands Could Bring Beef Business Traceability

Knowing where their food comes from, how it was raised and all the rest is becoming less of an option and more of a deal-breaker with consumers.

March 2018

Canadian Cattlemen

The packer behind the pilot of a Canadian value chain for certified sustainable beef says its first three months are proof the model is scalable as well as functional.

March 2017

CSU Alum win Beef Quality Assurance Award

Where Food Comes From CEO & President featured in Colorado State University “Source” news for National Beef Quality Assurance win.

August 2016

Canadian Cattlemen – The Beef Magazine

Feature on Cattleland Feedyard includes reference to Where Food Comes From’s work with the McDonald’s Verified Sustainable Beef program and the subsequent verification of Cattleland.

June 2016

McDonald’s Canada

The McDonald’s Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot project in Canada report is out, indicating 182 locations and 8,967 head of Canadian cattle were verified by Where Food Comes From, Inc. as a part of the process.

March 2016

Food Business News

Jack Link’s buys snack division of Grass-Run Farms, a Where Food Comes From Source Verified product line.

November 2015

The Western Producer (November)

Where Food Comes From, Inc. measured as being “knowledgeable with reasonable expectations” by participants of the McDonald’s pilot project for Verified Sustainable Beef in Canada.

September 2015


Feed Verified, the newest program offering in the Where Food Comes From, Inc. suite of services, is discussed in an editorial by

July 2015

Alberta Farmer Express

Where Food Comes From, Inc. highlighted in an update on the McDonald’s verified sustainable beef pilot project in Canada.

February 2015

Year of the Sheep

Mountain States Rosen rolls out new promotional campaign in conjunction with the 2015 Chinese New Year, the Year of the Sheep, featuring Where Food Comes From labeled Shepherd’s Pride Lamb.

January 2015

Fox Business News

Where Food Comes From, Inc. featured in article highlighting thirteen companies demonstrating how the “foodie revolution” is impacting consumer goods.

October 2014

Whole Foods

Where Food Comes From, Inc. beef customer featured in Whole Foods national media campaign

August 2014

Grassfed Exchange Conference

Where Food Comes From beef verification customer recieves the “Producer Award” at the annual Grassfed Exchange Conference

November 2013

More Coverage of Where Food Comes From Labeling Expansion

September 2013

The Crop Site

Senior Editor Sarah Mikesell Features Where Food Comes From

June 2013

Restaurant Hospitality Magazine

“Best Burger in America – Where Food Comes From Audits World Renowned Wagyu Beef for M&R Cattle/Morgan Ranch partnership, which raises 2000 head of Wagyu/Angus calves annually for specialty markets worldwide.

April 2013

Colorado State University College of Agricultural Sciences Magazine

“Where’s the Beef?” – CSU Alum Leann Saunders and Where Food Comes From Featured

May 2023

Where Food Comes From, Inc. Named Exclusive Third-Party Verifier for Bee Friendly Farming® Certification with Silk Canada and KIND Snacks the Initial Brands to Participate in the Program

Bee Friendly Farming® Certification is a program designed to encourage farmers and ranchers to provide safe habitats for bees and other pollinators.

March 9, 2022

The Paleo Diet® Announces Where Food Comes From, Inc. as Exclusive Certification Body

Through this partnership, Where Food Comes From has agreed to be the exclusive third-party verifier of The Paleo Diet® food certification program, which is the only certification recognized by Dr. Loren Cordain, the founder of the modern paleolithic nutrition movement.

August 2019

How An Island Beef Company Got Certified Sustainable

The certification comes after a successful audit conducted by Where Food Comes From Inc.

April 2019

Voyage Denver : John & Leann Saunders, Where Food Comes From, Inc.

Today we’d like to introduce you to John & Leann Saunders.

February 2019

CBD and the Need for Quality Control

March 2018


(Winnipeg, Canada) March 15, 2018 – The first three months of Cargill’s Canadian beef sustainability pilot project yielded encouraging results, proving the model works and demonstrating significant potential to scale the program to deliver a greater volume of certified sustainable beef to Canadian consumers. The pilot is currently encouraging additional ranchers to participate in the pilot for the remainder of 2018.

February 2017

The Packer: Smarter Food System Provides Opportunity

Where Food Comes From CEO John Saunders and SureHarvest President Jeff Dlott discuss the value of an innovative food system and the opportunities that come with it.

June 2016

The Western Producer

Where Food Comes From, Inc. President, Leann Saunders, quoted in a summary of the McDonald’s Verified Sustainable Beef Pilot in Canada.

April 2016

New Mexico True Certified

New Mexico has launched a new initiative to promote food products produced in the state, and Where Food Comes From Source Verified customers automatically comply.

November 2015

I am a Drover: Leann Saunders

Our President, Leann Saunders, is the subject of a Drovers feature profile on industry professionals.

October 2015

The Western Producer

McDonalds publishes its criteria for the Verified Sustainable Beef pilot in Canada, a program exclusively verified by Where Food Comes From, Inc.

August 2015

Business Wire

Creekstone Farms announces new Non-Gmo Project Verified beef product line, audited and verified by Where Food Comes From, Inc..

April 2015

San Antonio Express-News

Labatt Food Services’ Native American Beef brand, a feature Where Food Comes From Source Verified product, highlighted in San Antonio news article.

February 2015

McDonald’s Verified Sustainable Beef

Where Food Comes From, Inc. mentioned in article featuring updates on the status of McDonald’s Verified Sustainable Beef initiative, including the involvement of Where Food Comes From’s verification expertise and services.

January 2015

International Livestock Forum

Where Food Comes From, Inc. President, Leann Saunders, presents at first annual International Livestock Forum at Colorado State University.

October 2014

National Geographic

National Geographic article features multiple IMI Global (A Where Food Comes From, Inc. Company) beef verification customers

May 2014

Shepards Pride Lamb, a Where Food Comes From licensee, featured in popular Ohio Mom’s Blog

November 2013

Supermarket News

Heinen’s Fine Foods Adds Where Food Comes From label to Shepherd’s Price Lamb

July 2013

Feedyard Foodie

Ann Burkholder Features IMI Global and Her Recent Progressive Beef Audit in Her Latest Blog.

June 2013

Trends – A Cattle-Fax Publication for Cow Calf Producers

Where Food Comes From President Leann Saunders Authors an Article: “The Value of Verified Production Claims”.

August 2012

Restaurant Hospitality Magazine

“Where’s the Beef (From)?”
World Famous Delmonico’s Steakhouse Adopts Where Food Comes From Program

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